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OnePlus has officially unveiled the OnePlus 10 Pro after weeks of teasers. All the details regarding the OnePlus 10 Pro, including when it will go on sale and how much it will cost with the Oneplus 10 Pro Price in Nepal are provided below. There are a plethora of new camera capabilities that “maintain our special relationship with Hasselblad,” OnePlus founder Pete Lau said. We believe the OnePlus 10 Pro’s Hasselblad Camera for Mobile, along with ultrafast speed and the quickest charging in a OnePlus smartphone, makes this flagship our most well-rounded yet.”

Key Specification
ProcessorQualcomm snapdragon 8 Gen 1
Front Camera32 MPnan
Battery5000 mAhnan
Display6.7 inchesnan

Oneplus 10 Pro Highlights

Pete Lau, the co-founder of OnePlus, has tweeted on Weibo, “see you in January,” coupled with a hashtag for the 10 Pro, indicating that the device will be unveiled in January.

  • BK Electronics and Oppo, owners of OnePlus, today introduced the much-anticipated OnePlus 10 Pro in China.
  • A total of three variations in two color schemes have been introduced by the company.
  • New models have been released in China, but the corporation has a long-term goal of making an impact on the international market.
  • When it comes to performance, the newest OnePlus smartphones deliver on both aesthetics and technology in spades.Scroll down for Oneplus 10 Pro Price in Nepal.
Oneplus 10 Pro Price in Nepal
Oneplus 10 Pro Price in Nepal


Oneplus 10 Pro Specification

Display TypeAMOLED
Screen Size6.7 inches 17.02 cm
Resolution1440 x 3216 pixels
Aspect Ratio20:9
Pixel Density526 PPI
Screen to Body Ratio calculated89.97 %
Screen ProtectionCorning Gorilla Glass Glass Victus
Bezel-less displayYes with punch-hole display
Touch Screen1300 nits
BrightnessYes Capacitive Touchscreen Multi-touch
Refresh Rate120 Hz
Screen to Body Ratio claimed by the brand92.7 %
Oneplus 10 Pro Specification
Height163.0 mm
Weight200.5 grams
ColorsBlack. Green
Oneplus 10 Pro Specification
Audio FeaturesDolby Atmos
Oneplus 10 Pro Specification
Capacity5000 mAh
Wireless ChargingYes Charging Time: 47 minutes
Quick ChargingYes, Super Flash 80W: 100 % in 32 minutes.
USB Type-CYes
Oneplus 10 Pro Specification
Wifi802.1 a/ac/ax/b/g/n/n SGHz. MIMO.
Wifi FeaturesMobile Hotspotnan
Gpswith A-GPS. Glonassnan
USB ConnectivityMass storage device. USB chargingnan
Oneplus 10 Pro Specification
In-Display Fingerprint SensorYes
Proximity sensorYes
Ambient light sensorYes
Oneplus 10 Pro Specification
FlashYes. Screen flash
Auto FocusYes Phase Detection autofocus
Image Resolution8000 x 6000 Pixels
SensorExmor RS
Shooting ModesContinuous Shooting. High Dynamic Range mode HDR
Camera Features8x Digital Zoom Auto Flash. Face detection. Touch to focus
Video RecordingYes
Front Camera Resolution32 MP /2.4 Wide Angle. Primary Camera
Oneplus 10 Pro Specification

Oneplus 10 Pro Price in Nepal

The OnePlus 10 Pro‘s basic model costs RMB 4699, which approximately translates to NPR 87,200 Price in Nepal. 8GB of RAM and 128GB of internal storage are included in this variant. There are two other options available. At NPR 92,800 (Rs 4999), it has 8GB of RAM and 256 GB of storage. The most expensive model has 12GB of RAM and 256GB of storage and costs RMB 5299, or around NPR 98,240

Oneplus 10 Pro Varients Oneplus 10 Pro Price in Nepal
8GB of RAM and 128GB NPR 87,200
8GB of RAM and 256 GB NPR 92,800
12GB of RAM and 256GB NPR 98,240

Disclaimer: The advertised price and release date may not be accurate. Despite our best efforts, we cannot guarantee that all of the following information is accurate

Oneplus 10 Pro : An Elegant phone

The 3D nanocrystalline ceramics used in the construction of the OnePlus 10 Pro are embedded in a metal center frame. The phone’s eye-catching design and high-quality materials make it a must-have. A 3D nanocrystalline ceramic lens cover of watch-grade quality is also included with the smartphone. The company is doing all it can to promote the release of its newest design. The arc of the OnePlus 10 Pro, to the company’s website, is designed to fit precisely in the palm of the hand and to be the appropriate weight for any portable device. With a diamond triple polishing process lasting over 60 hours, it has a wear resistance of up to 30% Sparks can’t get through to the new phone, which is more durable than its predecessor.

Oneplus 10 Pro Price in Nepal with nanocrystalline ceramic lens cover
Oneplus 10 Pro Price in Nepal with nanocrystalline ceramic lens cover

Display and Design of OnePlus 10 Pro

On-screen display for the OnePlus 10 Professional. The OnePlus 10 Pro will have a 6.7-inch QHD display. The size has not altered, but other aspects of the vehicle have.LTPO 2.0 technology and a 120Hz refresh rate will be used in the phone’s display for the first time. Because it builds on the previous generation’s ability to dynamically scale from 120Hz to 1Hz when a high refresh rate isn’t required, the new LTPO 2.0 panel should provide an even smoother viewing experience.Oneplus 10 Pro Price in Nepal is given below.

Lau said that LTPO 2.0 would allow for a “new degree of smoothness,” although it was unclear how this would operate in reality. Even yet, this might be a benefit for those wishing to take advantage of the Nvidia GeForce Now RTX 3080 cloud-based game streaming or those who play fast-action mobile games.

Oneplus 10 Pro Price in Nepal:  Display
Oneplus 10 Pro Price in Nepal: Display

Design of OnePlus 10 Pro

Looks-wise, we know what to expect from the OnePlus 10 Pro, which has been dubbed the “refined series 9.”Although the OnePlus 10 Pro looks similar to the OnePlus 9 and OnePlus 9 Pro, the camera setup is noticeably different. Large square blocks are contained in a noticeable hump in the ground. A similar contour cut design was popularized by Samsung with the Galaxy S21 series, which has a hump on its side. With the OnePlus 10 Pro design unveiling, we also discovered that OnePlus and Hasselblad are still working together.

OnePlus 9 series cameras have improved substantially thanks to the expertise of the Swedish lens specialist. The OnePlus 10 Pro is expected to provide comparable improvements.

Oneplus 10 Pro Price in Nepal :  Design
Oneplus 10 Pro Price in Nepal: Design

Unboxing, and Concept Art of OnePlus 10 Pro

OnePlus has changed dramatically over the last two years, from the inside to the outside, including its marketing. No, I don’t think so. The author can only say that each has its advantages; previously, with the OnePlus phone others did not know what brand, now there is finally some visibility, such as inviting spokespeople, camera co-branding, replacement ColorOS to the public, to increase sales, publicity is also very different from the previous way of doing things..

For the first time, the product’s design has remained consistent with OnePlus’s previous models. The OnePlus 9 Pro is a beautiful device, but its weight and feel aren’t to be taken into consideration when considering its overall quality. Even while OnePlus isn’t the most powerful Android phone, its “feel very XX good” mantra has made it one of the most popular devices on the market, and it’s not the only one.

Unboxing, and Concept Art of Oneplus 10 Pro Price in Nepal
Unboxing, and Concept Art of Oneplus 10 Pro Price in Nepal

This year marks the ninth year of the OnePlus mobile phone, which has found itself at the top of the high-end flagship tablet in the Indian market, beating out Samsung and Apple in the worldwide marketplace. Although it is difficult for a nine-year-old brand to change its inherent style, the OnePlus phone has been relatively smooth thanks to the deep roots of the OPPO tree. The OnePlus 9 series, the OnePlus 9RT, and other models have been launched in the meantime, and this is the time to talk about the Oneplus 10 Pro Price in Nepal.

Green is the new starburst glass process, whereas the black version of the OnePlus 10 Pro utilizes the silk glass process 3.0. The author is holding a green version of the OnePlus 10 Pro. There is still a perforated screen and a micro-curved shape with superb bezel management on the OnePlus 10 Pro, but the short-focus fingerprint identification, which had been a source of many complaints in the previous generation, has now been replaced with a more conventional area.

While it’s not surprising that the OnePlus 10 Pro features a hole-dig design, the current top screen cannot overcome the under-screen camera, and there are bound to be trade-offs. Moreover, most users are now gradually accepting the hole-dig, where dual brightness color calibration was first introduced. Based on the regular high brightness calibration, the new low brightness calibration can be interpolated between 100nit-500nit brightness processing, regardless of the brightness level.

Oneplus 10 Pro Price in Nepal
Oneplus 10 Pro Price in Nepal

Alternatively, various applications may adapt to different refresh rates, such as information flow sliding is 120Hz, viewing video is 30Hz, screen pausing is 1Hz, typing is switched to 120Hz, typing gap fast reversed to within 10Hz, in order to achieve power savings.OnePlus 10 Pro’s AOD has also been upgraded, with a refresh rate of 1Hz, a total of 25 patterns supported, and it is claimed that the rest screen scene single scene power consumption is reduced by more than 30%. However, this has not yet been pushed to older models, and I hope it will be in the future.

A powerhouse of OnePlus 10 Pro

The 5,000 mAH battery in the OnePlus 10 Pro allows for faster charging and longer battery life. An 80W charging cable and a 50W wireless flash charger are included with the phone. Because of the device’s quick charging and lengthy battery life, customers will have more peace of mind while using it in public. High-performance with HyperBoost

The new OnePlus device is all about performance. In the words of OnePlus, its 10 Pro model is the world’s first 36-month A-level smooth TUV certified smartphone one plus has increased the charging power of its 65W chargers to 80W, making them even faster. So, the OnePlus 10 Pro should remain at the top of the list of quickest charging smartphones for the remainder of 2018. OnePlus is also providing a charger in the package, so you’ll be able to make use of the fast charging right out of the box.

Oneplus 10 Pro Price in Nepal wih faster charging and longer battery life
Oneplus 10 Pro Price in Nepal: faster charging and longer battery life

Gaming review of OnePlus 10 Pro :

Consider the score as a starting point for your analysis. AnTuTu test results show that the OnePlus 10 Pro’s AnTuTu runtime is 1019819 (with high-performance mode turned on), nearly 1.02 million, compared to Xiaomi 12 Pro’s runtime of 1019819 (with high-performance mode turned on). The GPU scores of both are almost the same, the only difference is that the CPU core of the OnePlus 10 Pro is slightly ahead, it seems that the frequency of the Xiaomi 12 Pro is pulled higher than the OnePlus 10 Pro, but the absolute performance is the same. Oneplus 10 Pro along with Price in Nepal is mentioned above.

The OnePlus 10 Pro has UFS 3.1 flash memory for storage. Typical performance is 1802.8MB/s for sequential read and 1246MB/s for sequential write. When it comes to gaming, the OnePlus 10 Pro’s HyperBoost full-link game stable frame technology, which is touted to be the new inflection point of the hand game experience, was developed over two years by the combined 4 R&D base, a collection of AI algorithms. Because of the Snapdragon 8 Gen1 CPU and the combination of LPDDR5 RAM and UFS 3.1 super-speed flash memory in the OnePlus 10 Pro’s core architecture, heat dissipation is an important design consideration.

Oneplus 10 Pro Price in Nepal :Gaming phone
Oneplus 10 Pro Price in Nepal: Gaming phone

Since a single person with a line cannot use high-frequency operation in the Honor of Kings MOBA game’s group battle scene, the Snapdragon 8 Gen1 is fully capable in this test. In the dream world chaos scene, group battle frequency is high, but it is still capable of 90 frames stable without a card, during frame drop is due to interface switching, half an hour of no heat, the average temperature is 36.7 degrees Celsius, the highest temperature is 39 degrees Celsius. In addition to the thermal plate, copper graphite sheet, graphite sheet, heat dissipation silicone, metal frame, and other five heat dissipation materials, the machine is said to have the strongest heat dissipation efficiency in OnePlus history.

The heat dissipation area reached 34119mm2, which is comparable to a large half-meter square. The heat dissipation structure uses a heat source stacking design. Next is “Genshin Impact,” which is a joy to watch at 60 frames per second, but the subsequent body heat began to drop the frame rate to 40 frames per second. Relatively speaking, the OnePlus 10 Pro can maintain 60 frames per second but want to keep the high frame rate, nearly no phone can do, on the one hand, the phone heat limit, on the other hand, maybe optimization reasons, measured half an hour average temperature 40.5, the highest temperature 44.5.

Software of OnePlus 10 Pro

The OnePlus 10 Pro will mark a major shift in the company’s product range, due to its sister brand Oppo’s stronger ties to OnePlus. Oxygen OS and Color OS will be merged into a single, unified smartphone operating system by both businesses. Lau revealed that the OnePlus 10 Pro would be the first of the company’s new devices to run Android P when it goes on sale. Additionally, OnePlus has said it plans to update earlier devices, like the OnePlus 8, in the future.

Oneplus 10 Pro Price in Nepal:   Software
Oneplus 10 Pro Price in Nepal: Software

Color Os 12.1.

For top of Android 12.1, OnePlus has released ColorOS 12.1 on the OnePlus 6T. Features like AI Self-Smoothing Engine 2.1 and Ultra HD Enhanced Picture Quality will be included in ColorOS 12.1. Continuity in the video, cross-screen interconnectivity, flashback windows, free translation, and so on are all possible options. The OnePlus 10 Pro will have Hasselblad XPAN Mode, which will guarantee that every photo is beautiful and unforgettable.

“Lau said that OnePlus and Oppo smartphones throughout the world would now run on a single, improved operating system. As a result, OxygenOS and ColorOS will be merged into a single operating system that has the speed and ease of OxygenOS with the robustness and depth of ColorOS.”Lookup for Oneplus 10 Pro with Price in Nepal .

OnePlus 10 Pro Camera Review

There are three rear cameras on the OnePlus 10 Pro: a 48-megapixel main camera (exclusive custom IMX789, 1/1.43 inches), a 50-megapixel ultra-wide-angle (custom 150° ultra-wide), and an 8-megapixel telephoto (3.3X optical zoom, OIS + electronic anti-shake). The Hasselblad image 2.0 imaging system is included in the Hasselblad image 2.0 camera on the back. There is a 2MP black-and-white lens cut from the camera, which allows 4K/120fps recording.

To match Hasselblad’s distinctive color performance, the Hasselblad Natural Color Optimization 2.0 features more than 500 key scenes of color optimization, making it even more accurate. In addition to data requirements, you may directly out of 10-bit color depth photographs to accomplish the shooting – storage – display of the whole chain of 10-bit processing. Although the OnePlus 10 Pro has improved over its predecessor, there is still room for development in the dynamic range, which is broad enough but has a noticeable amount of noise when zoomed in.

Oneplus 10 Pro Price in Nepal  Camera Review
Oneplus 10 Pro Price in Nepal Camera Review

Hasselblad’s color telephoto and wide-angle lenses are both missing from this lens, which is a 50-megapixel wide-angle lens that can be manually extended to 150 degrees. When it comes to telephoto lenses, this 8-megapixel model has an equivalent focal length of 77mm, optical stabilization support, and an f/2.4 aperture. The specs are impressive, supporting a zoom range of 3.3X optically, but a 30X zoom requires cropping, making it less useful for ultra-long distance photography. Lookout Oneplus 10 Pro and its Price in Nepal.

Sample photographs were taken during the daytime. Before you start watching this video: keep in mind that due to a combination of bad lighting and the camera being in pre-tuning, this doesn’t accurately depict how the finished piece will sound. As with daytime scenes, the OnePlus 10 Pro’s night scene has a narrower dynamic range, but the overall exposure is outstanding, the details are well-represented, and the color reproduction is correct when the night scene mode is activated, which is thought to be due to foggy weather conditions.

Is the OnePlus 10 Pro Specifically designed for gaming?

HyperBoost full-link game frame stabilization is another intriguing feature. Because this new technology will give a better-optimized solution for mobile gamers, experts believe it will be an important shift in the industry. Among the characteristics that will provide the best gaming experience are graphic heterogeneity technology and GPA extreme frame stabilization.

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Additional information on OnePlus 10 Pro :

The OnePlus official Weibo account then re-shared that message, essentially confirming that a new OnePlus flagship phone would be released a few months sooner than normal, Is that to say that the OnePlus 10 Pro will be out next month? Unless you live in China, in which case, you’ll have to wait until March or April to get your hands on it, according to other leaks. For now, there are no details on the OnePlus 10, however, two OnePlus 10 versions would appear plausible given the company’s one-two punch of a basic and Pro model for the majority of iterations of its flagship phone since 2019. Oneplus 10 Pro Price in Nepal.

There’s nothing wrong with keeping the Pro and sticking to its origins of giving one high-end phone at a price that undercuts the likes of the iPhone 13, Google Pixel 6, and most likely the Samsung Galaxy S22 at a lower price point than other high-end devices. Slight adjustments in certain specifications” may be made to the 10 Pro, according to a business spokesperson who spoke with SlashGear. These possible alterations will be communicated in conjunction with the worldwide launches, which the spokesman claimed would take place at some point this year, And based on the information we have so far, the OnePlus 10 Pro seems to have a shot.

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