Who will use your Facebook after death?

Some people on your friends list may have passed away. But have you ever wondered what your Facebook profile will be like after your death? Who drives

Facebook offers an option for such times. So that after your death someone else can control it.

Your Facebook legacy contact can write a memorial post for you. Who can view the post and determine who can pay tribute to the timeline.

But what you need to know here is that a person with such legacy contact cannot add your account to your own profile, add friends, delete or read messages.

Go to Settings and Privacy at the bottom by tapping on the three stripes in the top right corner of the Facebook app. Go to your Facebook information through the settings there.

Log in to the Account & Ownership & Control section. You will now see the Memorization Settings at the beginning.

In which you can choose the person who will control your Facebook after the death of the legacy through the Choose Legacy Contact button. If you want your Facebook profile to be permanently deleted without memorizing after death, you can also choose the following option called Delete After Death.

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