Do you spend a lot of time on Facebook? This may help…

If you’ve been watching a documentary on Social Delay on Netflix, you must have guessed how the social network can get the user addicted. Facebook works in such a way that it gives both injury and cure.

Even if you are not addicted to social media, if you look at social delays, you can easily understand this topic. Facebook is the most popular and popular social network today. You are probably using Facebook too.

And it is possible that you are spending hours watching a video post on Facebook. Facebook’s algorithm is the one that seeks to take the most time from the user. The more time you spend on Facebook, the more revenue the company makes.

Although Facebook doesn’t have to say this, you can reduce your use of Facebook if you want. For that, a special feature has also been given in the app. This feature is not new, but it can be very useful for you. Especially when you spend most of your time on Facebook.

Here’s how to spend time on Facebook
The Facebook app has a ‘Your Time on Facebook’ section. You can access it by going to Facebook’s ‘Settings and Privacy’ option. By going to the ‘See Your Time’ feature, you can get a graph of the number of hours spent on your Facebook day.

Here you can find out what time you are using Facebook each day, the average rate, and what time you are using it more than the night time. It will also tell you how many times you opened Facebook at night.

Newsfeed preferences
This will allow you to set the priority of the news feed. You can unfollow a certain person so that his post does not appear in the feed.

Set daily time reminder
You can also find the Set Daily Time Reminder feature in the Your Time on the Facebook section. From which you can decide how long you need to be reminded after using the Facebook app.

Manage your notifications
Within this setting, you can change the notification setting. From which you can turn on and off push notifications and decide what type of notifications are allowed or not.

Also from here, you can keep notifications off for up to eight hours. Apart from this, you can also turn notifications like comments, tags, reminders, and updates on and off.

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