Facebook’s new update, now you can play any game without downloading

Facebook has finally unveiled its cloud gaming feature. In addition, Facebook users can now play games like Asphalt Nine without downloading.

However, Facebook’s cloud gaming is only available for Android users. IOS users will have to wait a little longer.

Facebook’s cloud gaming is not like Google Stadia and Microsoft’s Xcloud. After the new update, Facebook users will be given a separate tab for gaming.

By clicking on which many kinds of games can be played without download. This will save user data and memory.

You don’t even need a controller in the Facebook cloud. Just like you play games on mobile, you can also play on Facebook.

Facebook’s gaming service has recently been made public in the United States. There is no clear information from the company about when it will be available in other countries including Nepal and iOS devices.

Facebook has said it will try to make the feature public in the Apple Safari browser soon. Two million people played it during the testing of this cloud game on Facebook.

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