Here’s how to take attractive photos from your mobile phone in low light

In broad daylight, almost everyone can take a beautiful picture. But after the day is over, the camera on the phone is a good test.

And mobile users are getting frustrated at taking pictures at such times. If you don’t know the right way of photography, no matter how powerful the camera phone is, it will be useless.

Today we are giving you some tips on how to take an attractive picture even at night.


There is no need to focus on the subject. Composition must be in the form of Rule of Third.

Always make sure that there is a certain space in front of the subject. Make a composition so that the surrounding environment looks good along with the subject.

Keep the phone steady:

The more stable your phone, the better the photo. Exhale or hold for a few seconds as much as possible during this time.

HDR mode:

Use HDR mode only when both your hand and the subject you are photographing are stationary. In this case, if you shake something, the picture becomes blurred.

Black and white:

There is no better way to show any kind of emojis than black and white. There should be darkness around and light coming from behind in the middle or behind the subject.

In this case, with the help of the black and white effect, you can take an attractive picture. Tripod: With the help of a tripod you can take pictures by reducing the shutter speed and lowering the ISO.

This reduces the chances of blurring. The lower the ISO, the lower the noise in the picture. Lowering the ISO will also reduce the light, but you can add light when editing later.

Golden Hour:

There is a light redness in the sky during sunrise or sunset and some other kind of light. This is why it is called the Golden Hour. At this time, light and light shadows create a conducive environment for good photography.

Focus on autofocus:

Touch the same part on the screen where you want to focus and take a photo. By doing this the subject is well exposed and the photo comes clean and clear.

ISO and shutter speed:

You can take a good picture by manually adjusting the settings in low light. You can take better pictures even in low light by lowering the shutter speed and increasing the ISO.

The main thing to take care of in such a time is that the fewer the subject, the better. When the ISO is high, the noise and grains may be a bit higher, but in low light, the light can be properly managed.

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