[Updated] Upcoming IPO in Nepal 2021| One here will surely make you rich

We have researched and collected 16 upcoming IPO in Nepal of various companies in Nepal where they are in the process of issuing the Initial Public Offering (IPO).

What Is an Initial Public Offering (IPO)?
An initial public offering (IPO) refers to the method of offering shares of a personal corporation to the general public during a new stock issuance. Public share issuance allows a corporation to boost capital from public investors. The transition from a personal to a public company is often a crucial time for personal investors to completely realize gains from their investment because it typically includes share premiums for current private investors. Meanwhile, it also allows public investors to participate in the offering.

They have already submitted the application for the IPO issuance to the Securities Board of Nepal (SEBON). Among them, 10 are hydropower companies, 1 is a life insurance company, 1 is a merchant bank and 2 are companies from various other groups in an upcoming IPO in Nepal. We can find detailed information in the tabular list shown below:

Upcoming IPO In Nepal

S.N.CompanyNo. Of IPO UnitsIssue Manager
1Bindhyabasini Hydropower Development Co. Ltd.2,500,000Sanima Capital Ltd.
2CBIL Capital Ltd300,000Nepal SBI Merchant Banking Ltd
3CEDB Hydropower Development Co. Ltd.2,518,230Sunrise Capital Ltd.
4Chandragiri Hills Limited1,840,910Global IME Capital Ltd
5Emerging Nepal Limited5,00,000NIC Asia Capital Ltd.
6Greenlife Hydropower Ltd3,496,400BOK Capital Market Ltd.
7Himalayan Hydropower Limited2,250,000Janata Capital Ltd.
8IME Life Insurance Co. Ltd.6,000,000Civil Capital Market Ltd.
9Madhya Bhotekoshi Jalvidyut Co. Ltd.15,000,000Global IME Capital Ltd.
10Mailung Khola Jal Vidhyut Co. Ltd736,286Siddhartha Capital Ltd.
11Mountain Energy Nepal Ltd.3,936,054Nabil Investment Banking Ltd.
12Ru Ru Jalabidhyut Pariyojana Ltd.815,411NMB Capital Ltd.
13Shuvam Power Ltd580,580CBIL Capital Ltd
14Singati Hydro Energy Ltd4,350,000Mega Capital Markets Ltd
15Terhathum Power Company Ltd1,200,000NIBL Ace Capital Ltd.
16Dish Media Network Ltd.2,385,929Global IME Capital Ltd.
List of Upcoming IPO
Upcoming IPO in Nepal
Upcoming IPO in Nepal

Hydropower Companies IPO
Here among the upcoming IPO in Nepal of 15 companies, Madhyabhotekoshi Hydropower Company has applied for the most important IPO issue. the corporate will issue 15 million shares within the IPO. the corporate will issue the IPO to the locals and therefore the general public.

The hydropower companies within the process of issuing IPO are Madhyabhotekoshi Hydropower Company, Himalayan Hydropower, Bindhyabasini Hydropower, Tehrathum power service, CEDB Hydropower Development Co. Ltd., Greenlife Hydropower Ltd., Mailung Khola Jal Vidhyut Co. Ltd, Ru Ru Jalabidhyut Pariyojana Ltd., Singati Hydro Energy Ltd, and Mountain Energy Nepal Limited.

Mountain Energy Nepal has floated shares to the locals of the project affected area within the first phase of IPO. it’ll issue IPO to the overall public soon. There is a legal provision for hydropower companies to use to the board only after getting the approval of the Hydropower Regulatory Commission.

Insurance Companies IPO
Similarly, one life assurance company is even an upcoming IPO in Nepal which has submitted the appliance to SEBON to issue the Initial Public Offering (IPO). IME life assurance is getting to float 60 lakh shares within the IPO.

Recently, three general insurance companies have even issued shares to the general public . They are: Ajod Insurance, General Insurance and Sanima General Insurance. Likewise, Reliance life assurance Company Limited has already floated 63 lakh shares at a face value of Rs 100.

Microfinance Companies IPO
At current, there are not any microfinance companies that are in an upcoming IPO in Nepal in the pipeline that have submitted applications to issue the shares to the general public. Previously, Samaj Laghubitta and Sadhana Laghubitta have sold the shares to the overall public.

IPO From Other Sectors
Chandragiri Hills, Emerging Nepal, and Dish Media Network are also an upcoming IPO in Nepal that has also submitted applications to SEBON for the difficulty of shares. Chandragiri Hills is getting to sell 18.41 crores of IPO while Dish Media Network will issue Rs 25.86 worth of shares if approved by SEBON.

Chandragiri Hills Limited to issue IPO worth Rs 18.40 crore to the locals  and general public; Global IME Captial is the issue manager - ||  ShareSansar ||
Chandragiri Hills IPO

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10 Most Demanded and Valuable companies of Nepal

S.N. Security NameSymbolCapitalization (Rs. In Arba)
1Nepal Doorsanchar Comapany LimitedNTC172.5
2Nepal Reinsurance Company LimitedNRIC149.2
3Nabil Bank LimitedNABIL124.55
4Nepal Life Insurance Co. Ltd.NLIC120.64
5Citizen Investment TrustCIT89.91
6NIC Asia Bank Ltd.NICA79.79
7Nepal Investment Bank LimitedNIB72.73
8NMB Bank LimitedNMB65.3
9Global IME Bank LimitedGBIME64.33
10Himalayan Bank LimitedHBL59.98

Note: Here market capitalization is based on the stock price of December 17, 2020. Share price as well as market cap may vary at the date you visit.

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