What happens to Smartphone if you leave it in charge overnight?

Do you leave your smartphone charged overnight? Does this not damage the battery? Or battery life is not shortened? Is it possible to use a smartphone battery for as long as possible? There are many such curiosities and illusions in this regard.

So what is the reality? Today we will discuss that. Smartphones use lithium-ion batteries.

Some of you leave your smartphone on a charge while listening to it at night. Leaving the phone on overnight is not a bad thing at all. This is because charging automatically stops as soon as your phone is fully charged.

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What happens to Smartphone if you leave it in charge overnight?

The smartphone has the technology to know when it is fully charged and stop the oncoming current. So the battery is not likely to be overcharged. As soon as the battery reaches the lower limit after charging, the mobile will be switched off automatically, so there will be no over-discharge.

However, if kept on charge overnight, the charging will stop as soon as the flower is charged, but the discharge will start immediately. Mobile phone manufacturers start recharging based on the set threshold.

If you are leaving the mobile on charge overnight, switch it off before charging to avoid unnecessary load on the battery.

Each time you charge your phone’s battery is negligible. So the best way to keep your smartphone battery strong and durable is to connect it to the charge only when 20 percent of the battery is left and get rid of the charger as soon as it reaches 80 percent.

Frequent charging and disconnecting can negatively affect battery life. And another important thing is to use the phone while charging is the wrong way because it raises the temperature of the phone.

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