YouTube brings 5 new features for mobile app

Google’s video platform YouTube has announced five new features for its app. Released for both Android and iOS, these features have been made public worldwide.

1 Video Chapter:

Last May, YouTube introduced this feature for desktop users. Now it is also available for smartphone users.

This feature allows users to skip certain sections of the video. From now on, users will see a list of all parts of the video.

It will also have a preview thumbnail. From which it will be possible to know what is in which part.

2 New position for icon:

To make the caption easier, the company has moved the button to a more appropriate location, according to YouTube. This provides space in the video player directly on the phone.

In this way, the company has also moved the autoplay toggle to another location. So it will be easier to turn it on and off as soon as you see it.

3 Gesture support:

The YouTube app will now come in full screen mode with the option to enter and exit. Users can swipe up to enter full screen mode and swipe down to exit.

4 Suggested section:

This feature will suggest the user to rotate the phone or play the video on VR.

However, the app will only do this when the user has a better experience. The company has stated that more suggested sections will be introduced in the future.

5 Bedtime reminder:

This feature allows users to set reminders for a specific period of time. This feature will remind you to stop watching videos and go to bed.

This will help you to manage your YouTube time.

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