Pixel 4a Leaks and Rumors |The Ultimate mid-range phone?

Pixel 4a Leaks — Last year when Google announced the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3XL, not very many were impressed but when the 3a was released, there was almost nobody to complain about what the phone was offering. For a mid-ranger, the performance was excellent and was overall a great smartphone for any kind of day-to-day usage. The highlight was the camera which was very identical to the pixel 3 itself.

pixel 4a leaks
what the pixel 4a might look like

The pixel 3a was the bestselling phone for google maybe in ever and it beat googles flagship pixel 3 in sales. So, there was no doubt that google would be doing the same for its Pixel 4 and releasing a pixel 4a after the launch of pixel 4 last October. Fans had been eagerly waiting for the new mid-range phone with a flagship camera but not much have been heard about the 4a as of yet. Google may have announced about the 4a in its annual I/O itself which was supposed to be held in mid-May 2020 but is cancelled like almost all the other events this year possibly due to the novel-corona virus outbreak.

Some Pixel 4a leaks and rumors have been circulating around the internet and they seem to be promising. We know the phone will be releasing soon and some photos have been released which seem promising.

pixel 4a leaks
latest image of the pixel 4a

Pixel 4a Leaks and Rumors

The photo shows the phone having a new design and a greater screen to body ratio than the 3a and has a hole punch on the left-top side of the screen. On the back there is a single camera stored in a square-shaped camera module like in the new iPhone or the new Samsung phones which the fans were hoping was a double camera at this point, but still, google seems to have gone old-school. Even with the single camera they seem to dominate the smartphone camera market. A rear-mounted fingerprint just like the last one is present. On the top of device, we seem to have a 3.5mm headphone jack!!!! Isn’t that a rare feature!

The 3a was priced around Rs.30,000 in India so we can expect the Pixel 4a to be priced similarly. In Nepal, roughly translated, we can expect maybe a bit more than 50,000 for the 4a which will be some of the best money you’ll be spending on a smartphone, maybe ever.

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This is all we know about the phone right now but stay tuned with us and we’ll keep you updated with the latest tech news phones in Nepal. 😉

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