Always On Display

The Always on Display feature or the AOD in short, is a simple yet brilliant use of the AMOLED screens available in today’s smartphones. Basically, it lights up your screen to always show you some kind of display/ notification in your phone, most commonly it shows date and time along with some notification. It can be configured varying from manufacturer to manufacturer and if not, there are always some third-party applications available in the play store. Always on Display can be very useful to just look at your phone and see the things you want to without touching the device itself!

Always on Display

“But if the display is always on, will that not affect the battery-life of my device?” one may ask. The answer to that is ‘yes’ and ‘no’. How this technology works is it lights up only the pixels of the message that its displaying. Since the phone is only lighting up small portion of the screen, it doesn’t drain much battery at all! Some smartphones allow this despite having LCD panels. But to achieve that, the phones battery life will be reduced to some amount because in case of LCD, the entire display has to be lit up and not just the ones required! It’s a nice feature to have but personally, I wouldn’t suggest turning this ‘on’ all the time for a phone with LCD panel.

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