This is the world’s first flying car, when will it arrive in Nepal, how much will it cost?

At one time it was a fantasy to call a car. However, technology has developed one after another in the world. Most of you have got in the car. Of course, even if you don’t climb, you can see.

The latest version of the car, which has been in the news for several years, has recently become available in the market. With the development of this car, it is estimated that the traffic will be reduced.

The car is even allowed to drive in Europe. This car, built by a personal airland vehicle, looks like a supercar. It has been successfully tested on European roads. It is also allowed to run on the road.

The car has been under testing since February 2020. The company was able to fly a prototype in 2012. The car is currently valued at लाख 399,000. The car is not included in the price

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