Samsung AKG Earphone in Nepal| Details, Price and More

The Samsung Earphones tuned by AKG is one of the best earphones selling out there in Nepal. The AKG is a legacy studio brand which has a 70-year experience in audio. The earphone provides a marvelous sound, balanced output, and incredible clarity while listening to it. The hybrid, canal-type design includes a sleek metal finishing along with a fabric cable which makes it tangled free and easy to access while using it. For the wired models, the connector that we get to see is of 3.5MM which makes it easier to access in most of the phones. The in-line remote on the earphone provides a variety of features according to the device’s compatibility.

With the 8mm and 11mm speaker units, the earphone delivers a stable sound for bass, mid and high which could also be tuned from the device. The bass is equally rendered which feels like Audio-Technica SR series signature. The delivery on the mids and high provides a little more open and airy quality which is great. The in-line remote works on any android phone which is a plus point along with a microphone which unfortunately does not have a background cancellation. Overall, the earphones are great for the price which delivers a crisp, rich, and balanced sound experience. For the suggestion part, we highly recommend this earphone for a better sound experience as well as for gaming.

Portable Speaker FeaturesVolume Control along with a Mic
Connector3.5 MM
Wearing TypeIn-Ear

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  • Great review! I’m considering buying these earphones and your review has helped me make up my mind. Can you please tell me more about the fit and comfort of the earphones? How do they stay in place during exercise or daily activities?


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