OnePlus 7T | Six Months Review

Oneplus 7T is one of the most cohesive and consistence smartphones you can get on the market right now. The company started out the trend of “flagship killer” phones, phones with high-end specs and very low prices. Many people love Oneplus phones for being what they are meant to be, not the most-expensive but one of the best available in the market. With the Oneplus 8 release just around the corner, maybe one plus 7T is worth considering buying!

Oneplus 7T packs a snapdragon 855+ chipset and 8 GB of RAM which, let’s be honest is far more power than any average person would require. The physical body of the phone is just great with a Matt surface that is somehow smooth, the under-display fingerprint sensor is super-fast and very reliable unlike some other similar sensor available in the market (*coughs Samsung).

oneplus 7t

The 7t has an AMOLED display with beautiful blacks and a 90hz display which isn’t something many companies have been able to reliably achieve; the screen is pure beauty! Some people may stop noticing the 90hz display after a while but when you do, you’ll remember why you loved the phone in the first place. The phone packs an 3800mAh battery and performs like anyone would expect. The battery life is excellent along with the super-fast warp charging among other things this phone screams AWESOMENESS! and is tough as a brick! On the software department, the phone has the latest oxygen OS and it is still fast, clean and snappy as ever. As per the company’s track record, we should still see software updates for a year and half more.

The phone packs a triple-camera setup with wide, telephoto and ultra-wide lenses. The interface for the camera is clean, easy and reliable for the most part. The photos taken by this phone is excellent for day-to-day usage and is great for posting in social media sites like Instagram or Facebook. When Oneplus 7t initially released, the camera was great but had potential to be a lot better and it did, over the months with multiple software updates for the camera, it has been better than its inception. The company had also promised to give the ultra-wide camera a 4k video recording option, which it did. Another thing the company promised was a super slow-motion camera (i.e. 960 fps recording). So far there hasn’t been much on that front but hopefully they will be doing that soon.

With all the goodness in the Oneplus 7T, the phone isn’t without some drawbacks. The phone doesn’t support wireless charging, when an HDR video captured in the phone is transferred to another device, the color goes crazy, this is a minor software bug that the company has yet to fix, whis is not nececssarily a major issue and can also be fixed by user with a good editing software. But all in all, this phone is available now in the Nepali market and is worth every penny! Other phones with this specs and features cost far more and are not without its many flaws. This is an easy buy from Oneplus to its customers and is still a highly recommended device for many people. If you think this is not for you and must have the latest and greatest, maybe wait around for OnePlus 8 which should be releasing soon and hopefully won’t get postponed amidst this coronavirus outbreak!

Price in Nepal:

The oneplus 7t is available for 67,000 in Nepal. The phone can be bought on e-commerce websites or is available in stores.

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