How to Apply for DV Lottery Nepal 2024 | Best Way to Fill DV Lottery 2024

Diversity Visa is an easy way to get a US green card, but it isn’t for everyone as people are named through DV Lottery from the online operation. The United States of America allows 55000 people as emigrants into their country from around the world to increase the pool and diversify its indigenous population every time. The US list eligible countries for the DV lottery, and citizens from the named countries can fill out an online operation for a chance to win. According to records, over a million registered worldwide for Diversity Lottery, and only a lucky,000 actors get a chance for further processing.

We’ve been suitable to apply for the Diversity Visa in Nepal regularly, and numerous Nepalese individuals are now living the American dream through this program.
To apply for DV Lottery 2024, you must follow specific rules and regulations and fulfill the eligibility conditions listed below. Nepal is eligible for DV Lotter 2024; you can apply for it online this time. There are little to no changes. But specific rules need to be followed not to get disqualified.
The US Department of State takes these rules veritably seriously, and indeed a little mistake can qualify you, and you can miss a chance.

Who can register EDV from Nepal?| Documents needed
So, who can apply? there are veritably many conditions you’ll need to fulfill to be eligible or suitable to apply for USA Diversity Visa 2024, and they are

  • Eligible country citizenship( Nepali Ok)
  • High School| Completion of 12 times of Education or
  • 2 times of Work experience( In the last 5 times)

This is the first step, so you all need an education instrument or work experience from the eligible country. You’ll need to give further documents and evidence if your name is named. But for now, this information will work.
Rules you Must follow while applying for EDV in Nepal
As I mentioned, you shouldn’t make any miscalculations while using; indeed a bitsy error can bring you a chance to win EDV Lottery.

Rules to follow while applying for US Green Card Visa are

  • You can not apply doubly
  • You can not fake your education( If applying from Edu)
  • You can not fake your work experience( If applying for work)
  • Complete print demand( veritably Important)
  • Check your country’s eligibility( Nepali can apply for DV Lottery 2024)
  • Make no mistake in your name, DOB, and address. ( If you’re named you’ll need to give verification)
  • Apply within the Registration Period
  • Keep your evidence Number safe( For checking results)

To Apply for DV Lottery Online

  1. Go to their sanctioned Homepage – Click Here
  2. Name – Exactly as it appears on your passport.
  3. Gender, DOB, Birth City, and Country
  4. Country of Eligibility for the DV Program
  5. Photo demand for DV Lottery
  6. Mailing Address
  7. Give your Contact Details( dispatch)
  8. Education Qualification for Diversity Visa
  9. Marital Status and children
  10. Proceed and Check
  11. Save Evidence Number( Important)

FAQs on Electronic Diversity Visa Program EDV Online Form 2024

Q. When will DV Lottery 2024 enrollment start?

A. DV lottery 2024 enrollment will start on October 05, 2022.


Q. When will EDV Lottery 2024 enrollment close?

A. EDV lottery 2024 enrollment will start on 8th November 2022.

Q. Who conducts the DV Lottery Program Registration?

A. The Department of State Conducts the DV lottery Program every time.

Q. Are there changes in the operation form for EDV Lottery 2079 2024 this time?

A. Yes, you can again fill out the EDV operation lottery using Citizenship.


Q. Can I fill out the DV operation form through offline mode?

A. Only the online mode is available for filling out the DV operation form.

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