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Garmin Epix Pro 2023: The Ultimate GPS Smartwatch for Outdoor Enthusiasts in Nepal, it’s Price & Is It Better Than Any Other Watches!


In the realm of GPS smartwatches, Garmin Epix Pro stands out as a powerful and reliable companion for outdoor enthusiasts in Nepal. Packed with advanced features, rugged design, and precise navigation capabilities, this exceptional smartwatch is built to withstand the most demanding adventures. In this article, we will delve into the detailed specifications and features of the Garmin Epix Pro, highlighting why it is the superior choice compared to other phones on the market.

Here are the specifications of the Garmin Epix Pro:

Display – 1.4-inch color touchscreen with scratch-resistant lens.
Case Material – Reinforced polymer case.
Durability – Shock-resistant, water-resistant (rated up to 50 meters), and temperature-resistant.
GPS/GLONASS Receiver – Highly accurate for precise tracking and navigation.
Topographic Maps – Preloaded detailed maps, including Nepal.
Activity Profiles – Running, hiking, cycling, swimming, and more.
Sensors – Altimeter, barometer, compass, heart rate monitor.
Connectivity – Bluetooth, Wi-Fi.
Notifications – Receive calls, messages, and notifications.
Compatibility – Garmin Connect™ and online community support.

1. Rugged Design and Durability:

When it comes to outdoor adventures, durability is crucial. The Garmin Epix Pro excels in this aspect with its rugged design. It is constructed with a reinforced polymer case that offers excellent resistance against shock, water, and extreme temperatures. This ensures the smartwatch can withstand the harshest conditions encountered during outdoor activities, including hiking, mountaineering, and biking. Moreover, the high-resolution 1.4-inch color touchscreen display is protected by a scratch-resistant lens, ensuring optimal readability even in bright sunlight.

2. Advanced GPS Navigation:

The Garmin Epix Pro is equipped with a highly accurate GPS/GLONASS receiver, allowing precise tracking and navigation. It offers detailed topographic maps, including preloaded maps of Nepal, providing comprehensive coverage of trails, elevation contours, and points of interest. The ability to plan and follow routes directly on the smartwatch is incredibly convenient for outdoor enthusiasts, eliminating the need for separate GPS devices. Additionally, the Epix Pro supports GPS coordinates, waypoints, and tracks, enabling users to mark specific locations and keep track of their progress.

3. Multisport Features and Health Monitoring:

Designed for athletes and outdoor enthusiasts alike, the Garmin Epix Pro offers a wide range of multisport features. It supports multiple activity profiles, including running, hiking, cycling, swimming, and more. With integrated sensors, such as an altimeter, barometer, and compass, users can monitor their performance metrics and environmental conditions in real-time. The built-in heart rate monitor provides valuable insights into fitness levels and helps optimize training routines.

4. Connectivity and Smart Features:

The Garmin Epix Pro ensures seamless connectivity through its Bluetooth and Wi-Fi capabilities. Users can easily sync their smartwatch with their smartphones to receive notifications, calls, and messages directly on their wrists. Moreover, the Epix Pro is compatible with Garmin Connect™, a robust online community where users can analyze their activities, set goals, and share their achievements. This feature enhances motivation and fosters a sense of community among like-minded individuals.

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5. Comparison to Other Smartwatches:

While there are several smartwatches available in the market, the Garmin Epix Pro offers distinct advantages for outdoor enthusiasts in Nepal. Unlike traditional smartphones, the Epix Pro’s rugged design and durability make it ideal for challenging outdoor conditions. The advanced GPS navigation features, including detailed topographic maps, set it apart from other devices. The ability to plan and follow routes on the smartwatch itself eliminates the need to carry additional GPS devices.

Additionally, the multisport features and health monitoring capabilities of the Epix Pro make it an invaluable tool for athletes and fitness enthusiasts. The integration with Garmin Connect™ provides a comprehensive platform for analyzing and tracking performance metrics, fostering continuous improvement.

6. Price:

he sanctioned price of the Garmin Epix Pro starts at INR 111,990 in India and USD 900 in the US for the 42 mm and 47 mm performances. also, the 51 mm model costs INR 123,490 or USD 1000. While it’s largely doubtful this smartwatch officially launches in Nepal, we anticipate the Garmin Epix Pro price in Nepal to start at NPR 182,000 if and when it does.

Garmin Epix Pro Price in the US Price in India & Price in Nepal( Anticipated):

-42 mm, 47 mm – USD. 900, INR. 111,990, NPR. 182,000.
-51 mm – USD. 1000, INR. 123,490, NPR. 199,000.


In conclusion, the Garmin Epix Pro stands out as the ultimate GPS smartwatch for outdoor enthusiasts in Nepal. Its rugged design, advanced GPS navigation, multisport features, and connectivity options make it a reliable and versatile companion for all kinds of adventures. With the Epix Pro, users can confidently explore the great outdoors while staying connected and tracking their progress. Embrace the power of the Garmin Epix Pro and elevate your outdoor experiences to new heights.

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