CG Net Dashain Offer | Price, Package, Plans, and Offers

CG Net Current Plan followed by CG Net Dashain Offer

The internet service CG NET has been established in Nepal by CG Communications Ltd., a subsidiary of the Chaudhary Group. CG NET is providing 120Mbps internet for only Rs. 999 per month, with the slogan “Speed That Matters.” For Rs. 999, you get 120Mbps. We’ve become used to such low bandwidths that this seems implausible. Regardless, their internet access is now restricted to select parts of Kathmandu. In this post, we’ll take a quick look at their bundles, pricing, and FUP. From our side, we could guess that the CG Net Dashain offer shall be a great one. Let’s look through current plans, bandwidth and FUP CG Net has provided.

CG Net Dashain Offer | Price, Package, Plans, and Offers 2
CG Net Current Package

What is FUP? How do CG Net FUP works?

Fair Usage Policy (FUP) is used by ISPs all over the globe. This has been used to limit or slow Internet speeds on unlimited plans in order to avoid abuse or inappropriate use of the bandwidth available. FUP aims to guarantee that all of our customers have a positive online experience and that no consumer is disadvantaged as a result of the actions of others. Providing unlimited Internet access raises the danger of a few users abusing the service and using the majority of an ISP’s bandwidth, making it harder for ISPs to maintain quality for other customers who use the service moderately and pay the same amount.

The Fair Usage Policy (FUP) of CGNET is only in effect for individual subscription packages. In a monthly cycle, CGNET checks excessive use. Every month, data consumption is estimated by adding both download and upload data.

Depending on the customer’s use over the course of a monthly cycle, there are three degrees of speed throttling. Clients’ speeds will be throttled to 50% when they reach the Level 1 Fair Usage Quota barrier, 30% when they cross the Level 2 threshold, and 10% when they cross the Level 3 threshold. If a client has exceeded their FUP Quota, their data use counter will reset on the first of each month, and their Internet speed will be restored.

CG Net Dashain Offer | Price, Package, Plans, and Offers 3
FUP of CG Net


  1. TSC is included in all pricing.
  2. There is a VAT rate of 13%.
  3. The Fair Usage Policy is in effect.
  4. A refundable deposit will be refunded to the subscriber if the router is returned in good functioning order.

CG Dashain Offer

CG Net Dashain Offer shall be announced very soon. And it will be updated on the site. So stay tuned for further notice. From our point of view, it shall be the greatest Dashain Offer from an ISP to date. Let’s hope for the best.

More About CG Net

Isn’t the speed on offer for the price unbelievable? Worldlink’s fastest bandwidth package of 80 Mbps costs Rs. 22,000 per year as a reference. On paper, it is clear that CG’s internet package is better than those offered by competing ISPs.

If it is as quick as it promises, CG may take over Nepal’s whole internet landscape in the next years.

CG currently exclusively provides fiber internet service. As a result, you won’t be able to purchase TV bundles that include internet access. In any case, CG is anticipating the introduction of IPTV and other services in the near future. CG NET provides both home and business internet services. They also promise to provide Nepal’s fastest internet service for almost half the cost of what other ISP’s charge.

CG Net Dual Band Router

Dual-band routers are an upgrade to a standard (single band) router with a greater capacity with the goal of providing a faster and more reliable connection than standard (single band) routers. It provides excellent connection by operating in both the 2.4GHz and 5GHz wireless frequency bands.

With a dual-band router, you can utilize 5Ghz for professional applications like video chats, video streaming, online gaming, and downloads while avoiding wireless interference and low speed quality.

To utilize the 5Ghz wireless network spectrum, devices must be able to connect to a 5Ghz WiFi network. Unlikely, not all gadgets are capable of doing so.

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